otrdiena, 2012. gada 29. maijs

I am lonely..

Ok. The day have came. Nope it is not. I just can't… I want to do things I have never done before but I can't overstep my comfort zone. I want to go hitchhiking across Europe, but I can't because I’m afraid of things that could happen. I want to be thin but I can't stop eating. I just want to be loved, but obviously I’m too ashamed of myself and I’m too…. well I am too me and I don`t know how to talk to people. I can't do things that I want because I am afraid. You will say than stop complaining and start doing but I can't. I AM TOO AFRAID OF LOSING EVERYTHING I AM TOO AFRAID TO TAKE A RISK AND JUST LIVE. Well now you know me. Answer pleas to simple question – would you want to meet me in person? It is OK I wouldn't ether.